ADEC Technologies AG was founded in 2009. The company is specialized in the development and production of detection devices, designed and manufactured in Switzerland. The first range of products introduced to the market was a line of non-intrusive, above-ground road traffic detectors. The first models of the TDC3 product family hit the market later that same year.

Also in 2009, the company begun exploring technologies for a non-intrusive people counting system using 3D sensors. It soon became evident that TOF sensors provided the highest accuracy though the costs were prohibitively high still for what we wanted to do. In the following years, new technologies dramatically lowered the costs for 3D sensors. During the same period, single-board computers also became much more powerful while their costs continuously declined as well, until the technology became affordable for mainstream applications. ADEC's line of people counter & tracker devices aims at satisfying the market needs for highly accurate people counters and trackers at affordable prices.

The company has established itself as quality supplier of high-performance detectors.  We aim to provide industry-leading combination of product excellence with customer care.

  • BS2-TS

    Solar-Powered IoT Traffic Data Gateway with Secure Web-Access


  • TDD1-MW

    Doppler Radar Vehicle Detector for Intersections with IR Remote Control

  • TDC3 Series

    Next Generation of Triple-Technology Overhead Traffic Detectors

  • TDC1-PIR

    High-Performance PIR Traffic Detector

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