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22.08.2017 22:58 Age: 1 year
Category: Press release
By: Andreas Hartmann

A3 Wiesbadner Kreuz - AS Frankfurt Süd: 100 TDC3-2

100 ADEC TDC3-2 traffic detectors go into new traffic control system installation in Germany

Eschenbach, August 23, 2017: ADEC today announced that it has shipped the first delivery of total of 100 TDC3-2 (TLS 2+0) overhead traffic detectors into the project new construction traffic control system A3 Wiesbadener Kreuz - AS Frankfurt Süd.

“We are very excited about our cooperation with QSG Verkehrstechnik and the opportunity to provide the traffic detectors for this large project. We appreciate the trust both QSG and Hessen Mobil put into our traffic detectors,” explains Andreas Hartmann, Managing Director at ADEC Technologies AG.

Mr. Lutz Breitbarth, CEO at QSG, adds: “This is a large and important project involving a new installation of traffic management infrastructure”. The German motorway A3 (Emmerich - Passau) connects the Rhineland with Bavaria via the Rhine-Main region. It is the most important east-west connection in the area. Thus, it carries significant long distance traffic. The newly constructed Traffic Control System (TCS) spans over a distance of app. 20 kilometers. It completes the existing surrounding systems. The delivery includes 29 display panels with traffic detection systems in accordance with the German “Technische Lieferbedingungen für SSt” (TLS) including mounting to the gantry.

ADEC Technologies is a privately-held, owner-managed manufacturer of non-intrusive traffic and parking detectors based in Switzerland. For more information please contact Andreas Hartmann at +41-55-214-2401 or via e-mail at info@adec-technologies.com

QSG Verkehrstechnik
is a leading system integrator for complex Traffic Control Systems on motorways. For more information please contact Lutz Breitbarth at +49-231 108767-0 or via e-mail at info@qsg-verkehrstechnik.de.