ADEC’s parking occupancy detector POD is a battery operated, quad-technology detector designed to monitor the occupancy status of a single car parking space. The detector is inserted into the pavement to be flush with the surface. To assist the mounting operation, ADEC Technologies provides a bracket that provides a mounting point for the POD.

The POD is part of the fully IoT (Internet-of-Things), cloud-integrated parking management solution that is designed from the ground up to exchange and store occupancy data in the cloud, which makes it also easy to access occupancy status information through easy-to-use web-interfaces into any third-party visualization and/or parking guidance software.

The two-tier system comprises of small detectors shaped like a hockey-puck that are inserted into the pavement of the parking space itself. Each detector has enough battery-power built-in for seven or more years of reliable detection. Each detector sends the occupancy status via its built-in radio to the autonomous base station BS2, a solar-powered, battery-equipped data aggregator and transmitter. The BS2 forwards, via its built-in GSM modem, any status changes immediately to the ADEC Cloud, a versatile IoT (Internet-of-Things) platform that not only provides access to administer the system but also offers web-interfaces for querying the occupancy status from any third-party software through simple http requests. Integration into any Parking Guidance System is easier than ever!

  • Highly accurate occupancy detection outdoors

Multi sensor-technology system delivers unparalleled detection performance

  • Small form-factor, robust design

Properly installed, detector is immune against adverse conditions, such as snow-plows etc.

  • Long life-expectancy

Design features built-in high-capacity batteries for a minimum of seven years of reliable detection performance

  • GPRS-based data transmitter

Eliminates the need for wiring, occupancy data transmitted wirelessly in real-time

  • Ties into any system that supports web-interfaces

Other data interfaces available upon request.



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The parking detector & data aggregator system has been developed specifically for outdoor parking lots where detectors cannot be mounted overhead yet high-accuracy detection is required. Typical settings include:

  • Urban and downtown parking spaces
  •  Theme park parking lots
  • Campus parking lots
  • Any other outdoor parking area with marked parking spaces



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