TDD1 Series  

The TDD1 Series of traffic detectors uses Doppler radar technology to detect bi-directional traffic or selectively approaching or receding vehicles moving into or through its field of view at distances up to 75m (250 ft). It is conveniently configured using an IR remote control and features two front-mounted feedback LEDs.

The TDD1 series of detectors senses moving objects by detecting the frequency shift of the reflected microwave vs. the transmitted waves.
Using an IR remote control (extra accessory), the following configuration settings can be easily changed:

  • Direction-discrimination (approaching / receding / bi-directional)
  • Detection range (depends on detector model)
  • Minimum speed threshold (4 km/h / 8 km/h, 2.5 mph / 5 mph)
  • Auto-timer output activation (off / 90 s / 150 s)
  • Feedback LED on front of detector (on / off)
  • Easy integration

    Using the SPDT relay output

  • Extended supply voltage range

    5 VDC - 60 VDC / 24 VAC

  • Robust, lasting design

    Poly-carbon enclosure with weather protection hood using stainless steel V4A

  • Large mounting range

    Mounting height 1 - 5 meters (3 - 16 ft)

  • Easy installation

    Mounting bracket with three holes for easy mounting on poles or gantries

  • Easy & effortless configuration

    Using IR remote control (extra accessory)

  • Large operating temperature range

    –40ºC to +70°C (– 40ºF to 160ºF)


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nominal range 30 m (100 ft.)



nominal range 75 m (250 ft.)

The TDD1-MW series of Doppler radar traffic detectors has been developed for a range of applications that require robust and reliable detection:

  • Green-phase request or extension at traffic lights, with possibility to discriminate by vehicle driving direction
  • Speed-dependent detection of vehicles
  • Door sensor: As detector for auto-operation of doors and gates


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